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814ライブ「My Precious vol.1」までカウントダウン---42日^^ Message for you all!

July 2, 2015

Hi ☆

Ai is here!

How are you doing?


Today , here around Tokyo is not rain yet but seems to start ..


  I love Spring Season In JAPAN☆

  **PUT My best Fovorite flower SAKURA **



            Sooo Lovely ❤️ ^^


Now, First of all,

I want to say again that my english is

not good enough to explain

my thought and my dream.


But sometimes I really want to share with you all in the world

my songs and my ambition,desire, hope and my goal.


In this morning,

I received a amazing message for me

from one who understands me.


I’d like to introduce it here.



your voice is soft and deep ,

music with word is harmony too ,

your presence is strong in your song as always ,

there is progress in your performance

and every one can see that ,

Really is perfect singer and great song too ,

your song is touch me

so your goal is reached to fans from song  ,

you amaze me as always ,  



It is my pleasure and make me feel

that I should practice harder and

thinking more deeply how to expand 

my music and also my thought.


I can receive many fortune and courage from you all.


Even if we have not met yet,

I can receive your big support and warm assistance.

Thank you so much for following me.


One of my next big and fine target is

actually in 2020 Tokyo Olympic!

I wish I want to be engaged in this big Event

through a part of music.

I really do!! 




Then, I can meet and be in touch and see you !!


Next month, in 14th August,

my first concert will held in Yokohama.

So, after this event,

I will share you my new song and of course my movie etc..^^




If you have time,

If you don’t care,

please kindly send me

your opinion for me anytime.

I really want to hear

all of yours' feeling for me.



I wish to make large happy wave

and big circle within people in world through my music.


Peace and Live true to oneself.

These are my certain ultimate goal☆


Music can do it.


Thank you for you time to hear my murmur..


LOVE YOU,   ☆Ai☆

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